Countdown: Day -4 (November 17th) & Day -3 (November 18th)

Day -4

Stable.  With a stream of anti-nausea meds running around the clock, John managed to not throw up!  It also meant John felt like eating and was able to keep down two smoothies. This was a relatively better day then the prior days.

Day -3

Today was a bit more complicated.  John had a new chemotherapy, Thiotepa.  He was given 2 doses - this morning and this evening.  It’s released through the skin for 24 hours after its infusion.  So, John is required to bathe every 4 hours for 36 hours (we finish with baths late tomorrow night)!  By bathe I mean wipe down every nook and cranny of his body.  If it’s not wiped off it can burn the skin and/or leave it permanently discolored.  I wipe down the top portion of his body and leave him to the bottom half.  He’s been doing a great job so far but we’re only on bath 3 of 9.  He has to change his clothes every 4 hours as well – so, it’s mandatory that he wear hospital scrubs that can be thrown away after each use.  His dressing around his new central line is changed after each bath as well.  On top of that, every 4 hours all the surfaces that he has touched has to be wiped down with hospital grade cleaner and all of his bedding must be changed.  Rich and I are only allowed to touch him when we are wearing gloves & chemotherapy gowns – this is especially heartbreaking.  It’s hard to fathom a poison so potent is running through John’s veins. 

It’s going to be a long night. 

Love, Kathy