Transplant Day

Although it is called Day 0, today is a day of infinite hope for John. He received the first of Kathy's stem cells around 4:30 pm. In spite of being very sick with side effects from the conditioning treatments, John tolerated the transplant itself well, showing his trademark Unstoppable Determination! His medical team (including his parents) continues to work on new ways to bring him relief from the unrelenting nausea. and his beloved Dr. Pui checks on him frequently.

If he could be healed by the sheer force of will, John's leukemia would have been gone long ago. The entire Hagen family has been fighting John's battle with unmeasurable amounts of determination, love, faith and hope. Today was no exception as Kathy completed another long stem cell harvest, while Rich took care of John, and Bella rotated between them.

Kathy's initial harvest yesterday did not yield quite as many cells as they had hoped, so she will endure a third harvest tomorrow.  The cells harvested today will be given to John tomorrow. If you know Kathy, you know she was not happy to hear her first day harvest grade was less than A+. But Dr. Leung came by to offer reassurance that the today's transplant would go on as scheduled and the solution was to add another harvest. Kathy assured him that the harvests pale in comparison to what John has endured.

These next days as the cells begin their job of giving John new life will be some of his most challenging yet. Please keep praying for his strength and comfort and that the transplant successfully brings his forever cure.

Love to all of you who are lifting up John and his family,
Kelly Crum
Guest Updater