Regardless of The Obstacles …

This past week has brought tremendous heartache.  

Rich & I had conversations that we thought we’d never have to have and heard information we never thought we’d have to hear.  Most of our days were spent with our faces in our hands, hiding our tears and swollen eyes. 

I am being vague for several reasons – mostly to protect or hearts and our privacy. 

Regardless of the obstacles ST Jude is doing everything possible to allow John to proceed to Transplant.  The tentative plan is for John to be admitted to the Transplant Floor next Sunday, November 16th – he’ll begin his 9-day chemotherapy and radiation conditioning regimen then receive his first Stem Cell Transplant on November 26th (Day 0) and his second November 27th (Day +1). On December 2nd (Day +6) he’ll receive his Natural Killer Cells.   

John’s pre-transplant schedule is packed with appointments: Labs, MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, EKG-ECHO, Radiation Simulation and Surgery for his new central line placement, etc.  It’s going to be a busy week.

Dr. Pui, Martha May and John’s amazing team of dedicated caregivers are walking with us every step of the way.  We are especially grateful for their exceptional care and compassion.    

I pray John remains stable and our emotionally drained family finds renewed strength and determination.  I pray God delivers us the miracle that we are begging Him for.

Thank you for your continued love support.

Love, Kathy