Be Not Afraid… Guest Post by Kelly Crum

This is not the news we have all been praying for so fervently, but I know so many of you who love John and the Hagen's are anxious for an update.  Earlier this week, John began experiencing weakness in his arms and legs, which was initially attributed to malnutrition from these many months of treatment.  Yesterday, John was admitted to the ICU and the paralysis progressed to the point that he had to be intubated. He is now sedated and on a ventilator to help him breathe. This morning he is having an MRI and a spinal tap so the team at St. Jude can try and figure out the cause of these developments.  Possible causes include a relapse of the leukemia in his central nervous system, Guillain –Barre’  Syndrome, transverse myelitis, meningitis or encephalitis.  

Kathy has asked us to pray for peace and to give them privacy as they navigate this part of John's journey. I will update when there is more news to share.  Your prayers and love continue to mean to the world to all of the Hagen's. Their unstoppable determination and absolute devotion to John remains strong in this storm. Keep praying.

Much love,
Kelly Crum