Pray for Peace

There is no easy way to share this news, but Kathy and Rich wanted me to let you all know that earlier today they learned that John is MRD positive and has relapsed. His leukemia is brutally resistant and despite the heroic efforts of John, his family and the doctors and caregivers at St. Jude and the prayers and love of so many, John’s cure will not come on Earth.

John, Isabella, Kathy and Rich will be going back to St. Jude in a few days where they know they will be lovingly guided through the next part of this journey. Their unstoppable determination has not wavered--even in the face of these long, hard months--and they are determined to make whatever time John has left as loving and peaceful as they can.

Kathy specifically asked that we pray for John to find peace in the days ahead. I shared with Kathy today that at the recent graduation ceremonies for John’s eighth grade class at Charlotte Prep, one of the speakers referenced “the Unstoppable Determination that united us all. “   And truly it has.

Please pray for their beautiful, brave boy and for their peace and comfort in the days to come.  If you would like to send cards of encouragement, the address to use is:

John Hagen

Much love,

Kelly Crum